The Six Hottest Comedians from NYC's Burgeoning Alt-Comedy Scene

NYC's comedy-verse, once a bastion for a revolving door of homogeneous dudes, is shifting in a new direction--gayer, funnier, and more inclusive. You might think that the rise of online comedy would render live performances obsolete, but New York's alt comedy scene is thriving with a new generation

Join Rachel Sennott's Baby Cult If You Dare

Russell Katz did a wonderful job helming and editing this absurdist piece starring Ellena Eshraghi as a woman who's reporting for her first day in a high-end baby boutique, only to come across three of the most pregnancy-obsessed employees (Rachel Sennott, Annabel Meschke, Sabina Meschke) Brooklyn has ever seen.

Time Out New York's Comedians to Watch 2019

Washington is a madhouse and Hollywood is just as complacent as ever, which means that many of the big issues of today are hashed out in the comedy arena-a supposed bastion of free expression that more often devolves into an animus house for frustrated straight men.

Article about the upcoming feature version of the Shiva Baby short.

Sex Work and Shivas -- A Conversation with Writer-Director Emma Seligman | The Fullest

What starts with a blow job and ends at a shiva? This may sound like a vulgar riddle that my own Jewish mother might ask me just a little too loudly at a family gathering - but it isn't. This question has an actual answer.

Shiva Baby is a Vimeo Staff Pick!

Tisch Alumna Talks Sugar Babies, Shivas and SXSW

The words "shiva" and "sugar baby" could not be farther apart in meaning. The former is a period of seven days of formal mourning for the dead in Judaism while the latter is, well, I think you know.

SXSW: Emma Seligman's 'Shiva Baby' Details How Sex and Family Can Awkwardly Intertwine - The Knockturnal

Newcomer Emma Seligman's SXSW premiering short film 'Shiva Baby' is a sharp and witty examination of the intersectionality between family and romantic life in the 21st century Finding love in the big city is a notoriously difficult undertaking. It's never as simple or carefree as movies make them out to be.

SXSW 2018: Emma Seligman talks Shiva Baby - Solzy at the Movies

Filmmaker Emma Seligman spoke to Solzy at the Movies ahead of the world premiere of her narrative short, Shiva Baby, premiering Shorts Program 2 at the 2018 SXSW Film Festival. Emma, thanks for joining us today. How are things treating you? Emma Seligman: I'm great, thank you! I'm really excited to be here.

Rachel's twitter was featured on Splitsider's Follow Friday Column!

@Rachel_Sennott on Being Personal, Snarky, and Wanting to Be Liked

Rachel Sennott is a New York-based comedian, actor, and writer. She can be seen on HBO's High Maintenance and in Shiva Baby, a film premiering at SXSW this year. She runs two monthly comedy shows, Puke Fest and Ur Gonna Slp Rlly Well Tonight. One is a charity show and the other is a drinking [...]

The indie short Shiva Baby, starring Rachel Sennott was announced as part of the SXSW 2018 line-up.

Rachel's sketch The ATM Mechanic was featured on Splitsider.

Rachel's sketch Middle School Mall Trip was featured on Whohaha.

Rachel was interviewed about her career in stand-up comedy as a part of the Fusion Film Festival's Women in Film series.

Rachel was selected to pitch three show ideas to NBC Executives at The National Hispanic Foundation for the Art's Pitch NY Event. Read about the program, here.